Transform your analog watch into a smart device


Wotch was part of the Telekom Fashion Fusion competition, they needed to have working prototypes of their idea to present at the final show.


I designed and build the 3 final prototypes of the smartwatch together with a modular watch band.


I build 3 high-end prototypes with an extremely low-budget and only one month to design, prototype and build the final e-watches

The housing of the smartwatch needed sufficient internal space to fit all the electronics components, it should be small to be discrete on the wrist and also allow different strap solutions to be attached to them.



The key component was the modular strap system that would allow the user to attach his analog watch on it. We also needed to design different strap styles, since each user has a different type of watch. 

The prototypes were designed and built to test and to validate the three aspects of the concept: feasibility, viability and desirability.

The different models were developed to show the modularity of the Wotch system. Each one of targeting a different customer group and use case.


Jeff Katz

Electronic Engineer

Karina Wirth

Textile Designer

Ana Dantas

Industrial Designer

Raúl Navarro

Electronic Engineer

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