I am an industrial designer with over 5 years of experience, with a focus on strategic industrial design. ​

My industrial design service is very unique because it is inclusive.


That means that I believe in teamwork: I design the product with my clients and validate it with the end-user, having an end product that is aligned with my clients’ business and the needs of their consumers.

I help the best creators to bring to life what they’ve imagined.


So they can materialize their vision into commercial products, building a profitable business around it.

my services:






design development



Passion: Love to create!

Co-creation: Creating a meaningful future together.

Quality: Success is grounded in action.

Diversity: Designing for a diverse world.

Innovation: Daring to do differently.

Circular design: Form follows evolution.

Lukas Hartmann

CEO of MNT Research

By employing Ana's rapid prototyping, design, and manufacturing skills, we were able to build and test several iterations of the device with a core team of only 3 people and a budget of less than 100.000 EUR, which would normally require a big team and cost millions to develop for a traditional manufacturer.

James Kernan

CEO of Qdesigns and Ambrose

One of Ana's most appreciated qualities is her very positive attitude. She is always open and enthusiastic about the different projects, showing through a passion for her work. In addition, she always delivers a high level of work ethic, so every time a project comes up, I feel confident about the output.


Axel Müller

Director of New Business Innovation - Thomas Magnete

Besonders hervorheben möchten wir ihr Spektrum von handwerklichem Tun bis zu theoretischen und methodischen Überlegungen. Dabei behält sie immer den Blick auf den Nutzer/Kunden. Ebenfalls besitzt Frau Dantas die außergewöhnliche Fähigkeit, zwischen Structure und kreativem Freiraum zu arbeiten sowie das Team durch Moderation von Meetings und Workshops durch unterschiedliche Themen zu leiten.