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Crowdfunding campaign

Mobile personal computers are becoming more and more opaque, vendor controlled, and hard to repair. Modern laptops have secret schematics, glued-in batteries, and components not under user control, like the Intel Management Engine or the Apple T2 security chip. Many people decide to tape over the built-in cameras of their laptops because they don’t know if they can trust the device or the software running on it.



3D Drum Dress

Die Berliner Musikszene hat einiges zu bieten: zum Beispiel die Schlagzeugerin Lizzy Scharnofske. Mit ihrem einzigartigen Drumdress erobert sie die Welt. Wir trafen sie noch schnell im Lichtenberger Kaskelkiez, bevor sie von Japan aus richtig berühmt wird.



Vom Zuhause zum Design

The intention of this Master Project was to design objects that could be built and customized by the users. A series of Do-It-Yourself furniture pieces that are easy and fast to build, for people that are hands-on, low budget, but have a true desire for a cozy home with personalized furniture.

The results of this study were translated into a DIY Book, which enables the user to build the furniture themselves



The most open source Laptop ever?

Every single inch of this uniquely positioned notebook has been designed to be as hacker, user, and open source friendly as possible.

It also boasts some seriously unexpected touches, like a mechanical keyboard, a 5-button trackball, and a system-independent OLED display to relay information.

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