A machine that adjusts the coffee flavor for your taste


To design a semi-automated coffee machine for home use that fulfills the demand for authentic brewing for specialty coffee. The machine automatically adapts the parameters according to the bean’s type and gives two brewing methods’ possibilities for the user: filter and espresso.


A high-end prototype of the coffee machine that represents the overall concept. The feasibility, desirability and viability of the product were validated based on user research and technical development.


An irresistible coffee machine, in which the design reflects the main characteristic of the speciality coffee trend: transparency in the process. That is why most of their components are separately displayed, visually showing how the coffee is brewed.

easy to clean
makes filter
and espresso
settings that depend on bean type are input by user
automatic control of settings according to presets
The most important discovery taken from the user research was that they didn’t want the typically fully-automated machine that is a black box.
The users wanted to be able to see how the coffee is being brewed.
That is why in all the concepts, all the different parts of the machine are visually separated.
The machine is connected to the internet,
but the touchpoints were designed to have an analog look and feel
The different parts of the machine are easy to remove, so they can be easily cleaned on a regular bases.​
The filter and the espresso module are easy and quick to be exchanged.
The final concept was designed based on three main characteristics: modularity, transparency, and hygiene.


Jana Mendelski

Business Designer

Katharina Withelm

Digital Designer

Ana Dantas

Industrial Designer

Pooja Channaveerappa

Design Engineer

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