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What is home? Can this feeling be translated into an object? If so, how can this object be used to make you feel at home?


The intention of this Master Project was to design objects that could be built and customized by the users. A series of Do-It-Yourself furniture pieces that are easy and fast to build, for people that are hands-on, low budget, but have a true desire for a cozy home with personalized furniture. All the pieces were designed based on daily needs for those who live in one room only, but still want to use it for various purposes: work, sleep, rest, receive guests and relax.


The results of this study were translated into a DIY Book, which enables the user to build the furnitures themselves. The instructions are strongly visualized and furthermore the book gives the reader useful hints on building, material and modifIcations.


DIY Book - Cover
DIY Book - Index
DIY Book - Motivation of book
DIY Book - Copper Lamp - Chapter Opening
DIY Book - Building Instructions and Customizations pages
DIY Book - Origami Instructions
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Sketches - Copper chair alternatives
Sketches - Desk alternatives
Sketches and pictures of Light experiments
Sketch: Macrame curtain for plants
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