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The project Memory Earth was developed on the course of “Have Fun and Play” in University of Twente. It was made to participate of the Gogbot festival 2015, which the theme was Mars 1.

Mars 1 is a project that intend to take 4 people to Mars in 2020 with one ticket only, they can never come back to Earth again. Thinking about that, the project Memory Earth is a memorial for the people that are living in Mars remember how the Earth is. So whenever they feel homesick, or if people that were born in Mars want to know how Earth is, they can go there and pretend that they are back in Earth.

It is a very comfortable place, very dark, with a carpet and a lot of pillows on the floor, so you can just sit there, relax and remember. 
To create the feeling that the person is actually in Earth, there is a globe at the middle of the room, and when you press a continent, a video of that continent starts to play on a screen with images and traditional music of that place. 

Although the interaction does not end there, in front of the beamer there are a lot of glasses that are displayed on a turning surface and as the walls are covered with a mirror surface, all the lights are reflected to different directions creating a fantastic light show. The back wall is all black with neon light under it, and people can write with a florescent pen what they miss about earth, or if they do not know it, what they would like to live in Earth.

Video of the the continent lighted showing at the wall, with the distortion of the glass in front of the beamer.
The black wall at the back of the tend, where people could write what they miss about Earth
The globe with the continent lighted
The glasses in front of the beamer.
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