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The Brazilian Guitar project was developed in the course of Product Design 1 in the University of Brasília. The goal was to create a musical instrument that has the identity of the Brazilian culture. Studding the story of Brazil was noticed that only the guitar could be the national instrument. We design the guitar to attend best to the timber and rhythm of the Brazilian Music.

“The guitar had to be the racial, national instrument. If the “modinha” is the lyrical expression of our people, the guitar is the instrumental timber that best combine with it. In the middle of the country, and expecially in the middle of Northeast, there are three things that moves mysteriously, like their were  the voice of the own landscape: the scream of the araponga,  the call of the cowboys and the  descant of the guitars.” Manuel Bandeira - Magazine of Popular Music, number 12, 1956, page 8-10

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